Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mango Madness

I just posted a long comment ("Mango Madness") on Intentblog on the U.S. decision to clear Indian mangoes for import. It seems that none of the people understandably gushing about Indian mangoes and eagerly awaiting their arrival in America are aware that 1) all Indian mangoes coming into the United States must be irradiated in an approved facility before leaving India, and 2) only commercial imports are allowed. Sorry, no boxes checked in at the airport like our European friends so blithely do and no odd mango tucked into a checked bag or a carry-on, no matter how absolutely perfect it is.

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Check out my long comment, including an excerpt from Motiba's Tattoos on my grandfather's loving attentions to the crate of Alphonsos that he nurtured to perfect ripeness under his bed each season in Bombay at If that doesn't work, go to Contributors, go to my name and you'll get to the post from there.

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Kyi May said...

I just wanted to say Hello, realizing just now that you are from The Rangoon Kamdars.

I am based in DC, my mother also loved Alphonsos and I write fiction, poetry and about international affairs and paint.

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